Zoom ‘01’ Surface Sand (Large Pack)

‘01’ Surface Sand (Large Pack)


 Now Available in a 85oz bag!

Habitat Series: Surface Sand 01, motif of quartz-field in South Africa-Namibia

The very first Surface sand offered here this time has motif of the quartz plains in western South Africa to Namibia. If you love succulents, no one has never thought of the place. It is a place called a sanctuary. Cape, Namaqua national park, Namibia. A quartz plain like caramelized sugar. There are all sorts of A-to-Z Methembs and diversed bulb species growing there: Tylecodon, Othonna, Crassula, Pelargonium, Conophytum, Lithops. It’s a sacred place of my admiration. This quartz plain brings up these living-jems rooting in a few centimeters depth of the ground by catching a little fog water. Here, the surface can’t be ignored to know the secret behind nature in habitat. ~ The Succulentist