Alice is your trusted guide for mushroom based experiences. She is the feeling that there is more to learn, more to be discovered, and more to life than what one sees inside of this dimension. Alice embraces the mysteries of mycelium and dares to explore uncharted territories within the mycological kingdom. They explore the frontier that mycological wellness represents as well as the oftentimes magical journeys mushrooms can initiate. 

Alice was born out of a desire to give people what neither the pharmaceutical industry nor supplements have provided: safe, effective consumables that pair long-term benefits with immediate boosts to cognitive functioning.

 decadent chocolate treats combine the best organic, fruiting-body mushrooms with the best nootropics and adaptogens. This union pairs the long-term benefits of mushrooms with the immediate effects of the nootropics, and keeps you on your journey into the delights of fungi. The result: an indulgent daily routine that’s good for you and only gets better with time.


A mouthwatering chocolate bite for a clean boost of energy, focus and clarity without the crash.


A dozy dose of decadent chocolate for restful evenings, deep sleep and a calm mind.


A delectable and desirable bite of chocolate for your most intimate moments. 
Will Alice Mushrooms make me trip?
Not a chance. Functional mushrooms (what we use at Alice) do not have any psychedelic properties and cannot induce a trip.