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After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art, Libby traveled the world painting wildlife murals and doing freelance illustration and design. She established a small art company, Hare Brush, Inc., back in 2016, and has recently relocated back home to Texas. 

In her work, she seeks to bring forth the sacred wisdom of nature through both an analytical and spiritual lens. Some of her favorite things are reading science fiction, camping, mushroom hunting, and spending quality time with her geriatric cat, Gordon. 

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Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import
Zoom 'Habitat Style' Japan Import

'Habitat Style' Japan Import


A Book for Habitat Series by The Succulentist®︎ and Shabomaniac!

Inspired by original habitats. Think of the original landscape you admire, and re-create your own place of origin in your vessel. 

From South Africa, Namibia, Somalia, Arabia, North America, Mexico, Brazil, Atacama, Andes... each places given birth to a diverse and unique source of succulents/cacti.
Take a trip around the world, this book shares many unknown natural habitats. You will be able to see the many examples together with the beautiful and rugged natural habitat photos that became the inspiration behind each Surface Sand series. Enjoy the secrets hidden in the staging, the techniques, and the interesting stories of each plant. Get lost in this books many beautiful photographs of habitat and staging. 

Taking a responsible approach to succulents/cacti gardening is the answer to the damaging poaching of natural habitats. The content introduced in this book can help in making your own state-of-the-art gardening style. Our horticultural activity always begins with borrowing something from nature. A balance between the culture of horticulture and the ability to maintain a long relationship without disturbing natural habitats`. It's about the sustainability of the natural habitat and fostering a culture of horticulture. 

All the staged plants have been grown from seed, no habitat plants have been used. There is also a section on LED cultivation and shared photos from around the globe.

Co-authored by Kono Tadayoshi and published with Mr. Shabomanaic! This book depicts a new way of gardening, Live forever with Habitat!!

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A fun blend of Christmas tunes in a different stylee.

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A collection of tunes to help you tune out and enjoy the moment. An eclectic miix of instrumentals, beats and soundscapes, hit the shuffle and enjoy the ride. 


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Here's a selection of Springtime tunes we've been playing in the shop and during our Randolph Rockers sets with Inconvenience Store. Good vibes always in heavy rotation.


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If you've been into the shop, you know that we are heavy into music and good vibes. Check out whats been in heavy rotation this month, available now on Spotify. Enjoy.


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