What creative tools do you use to keep yourself motivated and inspired to keep producing?
As Exhibition Designer at Laguna Art Museum for 2 decades I had the privilege of working with some of the most important artists in the history of California. I like to think I've managed to keep some of that experience with me as I've transitioned to pottery full time. With that, I'm also looking to both contemporary artists in the states and brilliant potters from the east. Japan in particular seems to produce the most vibrant and refined pottery. There's a history of breathtaking work being produced in there. I'm always in awe. If my work can represent a small part of these influences I feel I've accomplished something special.

How long have you lived in Orange County? What do you love about Costa Mesa?
Born in Long Beach, I've lived in So Cal for decades now, with a few years living overseas then returning to So Cal. A little over a year ago I moved studios to Costa Mesa Ceramics, one street over from The Mellowest Shop. It felt a little bit like coming home again. In college I worked as Store Artist at Tower Records Alternative at The Lab. I was around for the opening of CM institutions like Memphis Cafe and Havana Restaurant. So, with this long standing history with Costa Mesa it was great to be back in town as they say. I love the creative community that has continued to thrive on Bristol and Randolph Street. Obviously Mellowist is amazing, and has been joined with other local businesses I just cherish like The Inconvenience Store and WIP Coffee shop. Really I couldn't be happier in the area. 
What are the top 5 songs you listen to while making pottery or to get your creative juices flowing?
Funky Fanfare - Carnaby Street Orchestra
Jezahel - Shirley Bassey
Pimp - Bacao Rhythm, & Steel Band
Take Me To The Mardi Gras - Bob James
The Mighty Quinn - Manfred Man
A pivotal album that you can share around the time you transitioned to full time ceramicist? 
A pivotal album for me, and probably for many, has been Brian Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets. For me, this album was a gateway to many important artists. Bands from Bauhaus to Godspeed You! Black Emperor have all been a part of my collection thanks to the influence of Brian Eno. 




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