Libby England established Hare Brush Inc. in 2016 after graduating with a BFA in Studio Art and traveling the world painting wildlife murals while doing freelance illustration and design.  

In her work, she seeks to bring forth the sacred wisdom of nature through both an analytical and spiritual lens. Some of her favorite things are reading science fiction, camping, mushroom hunting, and spending quality time with her geriatric cat, Gordon. 

Hare Brush Inc.'s latest print features eight species of the most significant psychedelic flowers, all original illustrations hand painted by England in water color and colored pencil. 

These flowers possess various sacred, medicinal, psychoactive, hallucinogenic, or psychedelic properties - many of them are also toxic or poisonous if used incorrectly. Utilized by shamans, healers, witches, and recreational practitioners throughout the world for centuries.

Other new works include prints of an original gouache painting of the Grim Reaper aka Death, personified in the form of a skeletal harvester, an original watercolor mixed media painting of an Otway Black Snail, and a holographic vinyl sticker featuring an illustration of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, an essential component of the traditional Amazonian shaman brew known as "Ayahuasca". 

"In general, I  make art because I feel like I would die if I didn't – it is a need or a craving within me to physically manifest my thoughts, experiences, and emotions into reality. I gain a profound feeling of satisfaction and calm after I have finished executing an idea (though less so if I am not entirely happy with the end result). Making art is absolutely a means for me to sort through and organize my own jumbled mind, as the creative process forces me to explore and probe down into my own psyche and attempt to make some sort of sense of the whole thing. I often find I am able to come out the other side of an art project having made a lot of mental, spiritual, intellectual, or emotional progress. I am also driven by my curiosity to learn about new and novel subject matter, so I frequently utilize art as an excuse to dedicate absurd amounts of time to researching these flights of fancy. I always end up discovering so much than I expect during the entire process!" - HARE BRUSH INC.