Zoom 'Kodama Haniwa' Blue Flame (Various)
Zoom 'Kodama Haniwa' Blue Flame (Various)
Zoom 'Kodama Haniwa' Blue Flame (Various)

'Kodama Haniwa' Blue Flame (Various)

Blue Flame glazed model, small batch exclusive to Mellowist.

Haniwa (“clay cylinder” or “circle of clay”) are earthenware funerary objects found in Japan tombs.

Although it’s unclear the exact use of these figures and offerings, one theory is that haniwa acted as protective spirits for the deceased.

My style is from Ancient Japanese period ,called "JOMON"
I live in Marugame city. Here is very famous area know for fantastic UDON.
It’s also a very nice area for me because of the earthernwares all around.
There is even a place called Doki-town. Doki means earthernware.

Here is traditional area that has been making ceramics for thousands of years.I think i am almost only person who make Ancient style earthernwares and earthern figures. 

I hope everyone enjoys.

All pieces are handmade in Japan and have variations in size and finish. 

Various sizes from 1"h - 2"h