Zoom ‘The Harvester (Grim Reaper)' 8x10" (Art Print)
Zoom ‘The Harvester (Grim Reaper)' 8x10" (Art Print)

‘The Harvester (Grim Reaper)' 8x10" (Art Print)


This art print features an original gouache painting by Libby England of the Grim Reaper aka Death, personified in the form of a skeletal harvester.

"The pandemic has me dwelling a lot on the concept of death these past few years, even more than usual! This piece is partially inspired by a Walt Whitman poem from Leaves of Grass. The image of death as a harvester who goes about plucking ripe souls from the Earth really resonates." -Libby England


AS I watch'd the ploughman ploughing,
Or the sower sowing in the fields, or the harvester harvesting,
I saw there too, O life and death, your analogies;
(Life, life is the tillage, and Death is the harvest according.)

Walt Whitman


*Unframed - 8x10" inches in size. Borderless and printed on heavyweight archival cardstock.